Our life with Jerseys in PICTURES


The old Grade B Dairy Barn 1958, we milked 18 cows and shipped the milk in 10 gallon milk cans. Our first Jersey cow was Fairlawn Sigfried Starlite, who was purchased from Oliver Stephenson in Orland. Until the 1970's the farm was named "Starlite Jerseys",

Arrie and Cy Purington, my great Aunt & Uncle from whom we purchased our cows in 1971. Their support was vital when Pam and I got started. I lived and worked on their dairy during college. I later sold my small Jersey herd in 1966 for graduate school tuition.

My first car... built in our farm shop when I was 13, and had a top speed of 15 mph. It was made from a wheelbarrow, a hay loader engine and old pipe. A welder in tow was a necessity!

Our little herd of Jersey cows in 1960. After purchasing more cattle from the Stephenson's, we bought the Royal Glen Jersey herd from Dr. Preusser, who was also my advisor in college.

I started showing in 1957, and used the premium monies to put myself through college and graduate school.

Our Judging team at Chico State knew how to have a good time, and I was high individual at the 1965 Cow Palace Show. Dr. Preusser was our advisor.

Our show string traveled all over the west coast by boxcar. In 1965 & 66 we partnered with Ken Melvold and his Nevada based Holstein show herd when traveling.

RG Design Rositas Minx was the first Western National Grand Champion. at the 1966 Pacific International Show, with over 400 head checked in. She won over 50 Championships in the 1960's.

In 1969, while working for Borden's Dairy in San Francisco, I met Pam, a local school teacher and married her 6 weeks later. I continued to work in the dairy industry, moving to Tennessee and managing 6 milk plants in 5 States. In 1971 the opportunity to purchase the Puringtons herd was available, and we bet our savings we could make it work, and moved back to California.

in 1973 Wendy the first of our four children, came along. Wendy now lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and my grandson Oliver.

The San Francisco girl's job was to feed all the calves and youngstock. Our farm consisted of about 125 cows and farmed 400 acres with one hired man. With California's historically low prices, it was grow or get out.

in 1975 Harlan Askleland formed a partnership with us. We combined our herds and purchased more cows and purchased the farm above with a third partner, Ameropa. We were milking almost 1000 cows and farming several thousand acres by 1980.

In 1983, after working with Richard Clauss to determine the feasability we decided to build a cheese plant. Our purpose was to capture the value that is the Jersey cow. For the first year the Hilmar dairymen shipped their milk here while their plant was under construction.

The milking parlor and cheese plant were conntected, to the 1200 milking cow dairy. We started construction in May 1983 and were making cheese and milking cows by the end of October that year. When the plant opened we had 3 local producers plus the milk from the Hilmar group.

The Jerseyland Cheese Plant. Making our first vats of cheddar cheese.
Wendy with her first Grand Champion Lauries favorite jr. calf at the 1998 Western National.

Our Proudest Jersey moment, Chuck Luchsinger gives BW Champs F203 E-96% the nod for the 1995 National Grand Champion. My lifelong business partner and friend Harlan Askeland at the halter.

In 1996 & 1998 We were awarded the Premier Breeder at the All American. We had previoously won the Premier Exhibitor at the 1977 and 1981 All American Shows.

I've been involved with leadership with the Land O'Lakes cooperative since 1995, I was elected Chairman of Policies and Resolutions and twice elected Corporate Director.

At White House with Steve Ding, Chief of Staff, House Dairy Subcommittee, Carol Chandler, President, California Women for Agriculture for Agriculture policy meeting.

After 15 years in leadership with Land O' Lakes we were happy to retire from the corporate board of directors in 2010.

I arranged for a meeting with the Secretary of Agriculture and National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) Directors to open better communication with the dairy industry.

In 2007 Harlan Askeland and I received the Master Breeder Award given by the American Jrsey Cattle Assn. We were honored to have John Rankin, also a Master Breeder, and great friend, do the presentation.

In April 2009 we hosted the Jersey Technology Conference. Over 150 breeders from the U.S. and several foreign countries attended. The conference featured seminars on management issues we all face from banking, to nutrition to genomics, plus viewing of 10 sire groups and our top 500 cows.

Sometimes 2nd isn't that bad! BW Tanner Tammie L412, Reserve All American! and with almost 35,000 lbs milk. Eric Lyon agrees!

We have ONE boxstall cow, her name is BW Avery Katie ET121 E-93%. With over 20 sons in A.I. and many Ex daughters including BW Centurion Enid E-94% & BW Renegade Katie, the 2009 AA Sale topper and now at the top of the genomic lists.

Brentwood farms about 600 acres mostly pasture and corn/ winter forage mix.

Brentwood milks about 1500 Registered Jerseys, and has over 1300 young stock.

The milking Parlor, engine room and support rooms. The milking parlor is a double 24 Parallel.

April 2010 - Mike & Blake score BW Centurion Iris E-95%, Dam of BW Surefire and the highly ranked genomic young sire BW Renegade, Iris was 1st Aged & Res. Grand at the '05 OR State Fair and with records to 39,790M 1,896F & 1,397P. Maybe our best cow ever!

The girls live in Melbourne, Australia, Los Gatos, California and Springfield, Illinois. All help in their own way and its fun when they are at home for a while!

June 2010, Alane and Michael are married in New Orleans, with all the daughters, sons in law and grandchildren.

Now with two grandsons and a grandaughter and more on the way. The next generation likes cows too.

BW Venerable winning the Sr.2 Class at the 2011 Western National, also Hon. Mention Int. Champion.

BW Tanner Tammie L412 E-95% Winning the Lifetime Cheese Merit Class at the 2011 All American Show.

Receiving the award for BW Beretta Tanette, E-92% as the 2012 Living Lifetime Producer with a 12-31-2012 record of 306,393M - 14,129F - 11,222P

Retiring as the 2011-2012 President of the American Jersey Cattle Association, with Neal Smith AJCA CEO

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