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Contact Information

Bob & Pam Bignami
24540 Clark Ave.
Orland, California, 95963
Cell: 530-519-5612
Tel: 530-865-5612


Who We Are

    Brentwood Farms, the 2007 AJCA Master Breeder Award recipient, is owned and operated by Bob and Pam Bignami. Brentwood currently milks about 1600 Jersey cows and has been at our current location since 1957. The cattle are fed total mixed rations once per day, and they are housed in free stall barns and corrals. The diet includes alfalfa hay, corn/grass silage, cottonseed, corn, canola and other feed by products. The cows are milked 3X in a 48 stall parallel milking parlor. The herd average for milk is about 20,500 lbs (9300 Liters.) per year, per cow, actual production.
    Brentwood now has over 50 Sires and Young Sires at Major AI companies worldwide.
    Brentwood has bred and owned the #1 JPI cow and the #1 JPI Sire. We currently have three of the top ten PTAT sires in the U.S. (1-2008) including the #1 PTAT (+2.70) sire BW Legion and four of the top ten for Dairy Form. Brentwood has bred, owned and exhibited the The National Grand Champion cow, and has been awarded Premiere Breeder and Exhibitor Banners at the National Jersey Shows in every decade since the 1960's. The Farm has also produced more than 30 National Production Class Leaders.
   BW Country, BW Special Forces and BW Seville are marketed by Semex Alliance. BW Award and BW Finalist are marketed by Select Sires and continue the popular tradition of BW Legion and BW Parade. BW Carrier and BW Primer are marketed by Alta. They are bulls that sire great production and high repeatability of type. Check out our Active AI page for Jeff Ziegler and Larry Schirm audio commentary
    Our philosophy of breeding is to use sires from superior type cows and breed all the milk and components available. Having milked a herd of over 1000 cows for more than 30 years, the cattle have selected themselves to be rugged, sound cattle that last. Sucess on the tanbark also fits the "complete cow" Brentwood model.

Consistantly Brentwood bulls have outperformed their pedigrees as the table below shows using USDA 1-2008 data:

        Daughter Yield Deviation Vs. Parent Average
  Daughter Yield Deviation Vs. Parent Average USDA 4-2008
  BW CARRIER-ET - 11JE806 505 18 16 0.5
  BW SEVILLE - 200JE985 944 19 26 0.3
  BW PRIMER - 11JE839 407 41 13 -0.2
  BW SPECIAL FORCES - 200JE983 75 18 3 0.5
  BW COUNTRY-ET - 200JE989 97 5 3 0.2
  BW MIKE-ET - 505JE100 966 44 26 0.35
  BW FINALIST - 7JE715 1098 32 26 0.35
  BW LEGION  - 7JE696 11 17 3 0.85
  BW MARSHAL - 11JE805 245 -11 -4 -0.35
  BW AWARD - 7JE712 -953 -32 -23 -0.35
  BW PARADE - 7JE472
Average PLUS over PA 355 16 11 0.340

     Selected males and females are available for sale to breeders worldwide, and we welcome your visit. Give us a call so we can show you our ladies!


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