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Contact Information

Bob & Pam Bignami
24540 Clark Ave.
Orland, California, 95963
Cell: 530-519-5612
Tel: 530-865-5612


Proven Brentwood Bulls in Active AI Service

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BW Surefire Click for Pedigree
BW Surefire 505JE110
BW Surefire Peggy M851


USDA PTA 01/01/2009 23DAUS 3HRDS 96%RIP
62%R 143M 0.01% 9F 27%ILE
62%R 0.02% 9P 204CM$ 194NM$ 177FM$
2.2PL 1.3DPR 2.99SCS
AJCA 01/01/2009 19DAUS
PTAT 63%R 1.5 JPI 57%R 121
1.9 0.8 0.4 H0.9 1.2 P0.8 S1.4
2.7 1.8 0.8 0.2 S2.9 C0.7 L0.3

BW Surefire is our newest addition to our sire lineup. His daughters are as uniform as any bull we have used or bred, including BW Legion. At this point in time I think he will sire unusually high production, VERY tight udders and show type.
BW Blaise Click for pedigree
BW Blaise 200JE988
BW Blaise Mindy M682

Available from Semex

Dam: BW Avery Katie E-93%

USDA PTA 01/01/2009 16DAUS 3HRDS 100%RIP
60%R 1914M -0.04% 80F 100%ILE
60%R -0.03% 61P 569CM$ 564NM$ 551FM$
3.3PL 0.3DPR 2.88SCS
AJCA 01/01/2009 12DAUS
PTAT 59%R 1.7 JPI 56%R 293
2.7 1.2 2.1 L0.6 1.0 S0.2 S0.6
1.0 2.1 1.8 0.9 S0.2 C1.4 L0.3

BW Blaise is our newest #1 JPI Sire. Following in the footpaths of his dam's full brother, BW Country who is a former #1 JPI Sire. Blaise daughters have wide servicable udders, huge rib. and pleasing balance. The YD in the Brentwood herd was about +2500M and about +4800M in the Cedarcrest herds. We like him and are using him in heavy service.

BW Award
BW Award 7JE712
BW Award Ann E-90%
2-11 305 22,770M 1026F 792P
Available from Select Sires

Sire: Sooner Centurion
Dam: BW Avery Katie E-93%
USDA 4-2008  +88M +4F +5P
AJCA 4-2008 PTAT +1.5


BW Award is the unsung hero in our lineup. His daughters start a little slow, but come on strong and make great 2 year old records. This hurts his type and production proof, however of his first 18 daughters in the Brentwood herd, 8 are now scored 90% or above, and many are milking over 100 lbs per day. The best udders in our herd today are "Awards"

BW Country
BW Country 200J989
BW Country Monica E-94%
Available from Semex

Sire: Bancrest Lester Avery
Dam: BW Berretta Prize E-92%
USDA 4-2008  918M +34F +26
AJCA  4-2008  PTAT +1.8

BW Country is as "safe" a bull as there is available today. High wide rear udders, great cleft and teat placement, tremendous body capacity, standing on sound feet and legs make him an easy choice. And he does it daughter after daughter. Great repeatability.
BW Finalist
BW Finalist 7J715
BW Finalist Brandy E-90%
2-11 305 28170M 1327F 924P
Available from Select Sires

Sire: Sooner Centurion
Dam: BW DC H879 E-93%
USDA 4-2008  +883M +30F +19P
AJCA 4-2008 PTAT +2.0


BW Finalist has sired the top milking group at Brentwood for 2 years. Finalist is "Dairy". Flashy udders and lots of dairy character say Finalist is just right for crosses on Danish. We have almost 100 Finalist heifers, and they are outstanding. 2nd crop daughters due summer 2008.

BW Legion
BW Legion 7J696
BW Legion Linda E-92%
Champion 2006 California State Fair
Res. Champ 2006 Oregon State Fair
365 28,650M 1472F 994P 3-05
Very Limited supply available of “Legion” from Brentwood Farms Brentwood Farms

Sire: Sooner Centurion
Dam: Vande Brook Shadow Cloud E-92%
USDA 4-2008  +169M +43F +10P
AJCA 4-2008 PTAT +2.60

    JAN 2008 PTAT proof is up again! Now +2.7% and still #1. Strength, fantastic udders, show type and the will to milk make BW Legion a once in a generation sire. Limited semen available from Brentwood Farms.
BW Mike
BW Mike 505J100
BW Mike Michelle D631 E-91%

1-09 365 25870M 1236F 844P
Available from Brentwood Farms

Sire:Van Holme Imperials Saturn
Dam: BW Magic Chamipon Tanya E-93%
USDA 4-2008  +898M +54F +24P
AJCA 4-2008 PTAT +0.10

BW Mike was used only in two local herds, but the superiority of his daughters is evident. With a 3.9% EFI he is an outcross with components and type. His pedigree component of his proof pulls his type and production down, but the daughters outperform the pedigree, as evidenced by very positive yield deviations. Visitors to Brentwood ask "Who is this Mike bull" they are that good.
BW Carrier
BW Carrier 11JE806
BW Carrier Daughter at CDF
Available from Alta

Sire:Sunbow Rueben
Dam: BW Avery Katie E-93%
USDA 4-2008  +2148M +50F +53P
AJCA 4-2008 PTAT +1.80

BW was proven in the Alta/Jerseyland proving program
BW Primer
BW Primer 11JE839
Group of BW Primer daughters
Available from Alta

Sire:Sunbow Rubern
Dam: BW Centurion Peggy E-92%
USDA 4-2008  +1830M +70F +47P
AJCA 4-2008 PTAT +0.80

BW Primer was sproven in the Alta/Jerseyland proving program
BW Parade
BW Parade 7J472
BW Parade Corine D27-91%
4-29 365 40,530M 1936F 1417P
Available from Select Sires

Sire:Comfort Royal Alf
Dam: BW Berretta RoseE-93%
USDA 4-2008  +695M +27F +35P
AJCA 4-2008 PTAT +1.30

  • Jeff Ziegler narrates the "Parade story"
    Click for the 2007 Jr. 2 Class IDW, Parades 1st, 2nd,4th 6th
  • BW Parade, the dairymans favorite! Great milk cows and plenty of functional type. 2006 IDW Australia saw 1st, 2nd $ 4th Jr. 2 year olds be Parade daughters. Sons are now the talk of the Industry!
    BW Seville
    BW Seville  200J985
    BW Seville Valentine VG 87%
    1-10 365  24,500M 1115F 875P
    available Semex

    Sire: Jenks Barber Bill
    Dam: BW Frosty JudyAnn E-90%

    USDA 4-2008 +1611M +33F +50P
    AJCA 4-2008 PTAT +1.30

    Bob Bignami narrates the "Seville story"

    BW Seville will be released in January 2008. From "Country's" family he sires even more milk than Country with extreme dairyness. The height of rear udders is special.
    BW Special Forces
    BW Special Forces  200J983
    BW SF Kelly VG 87%
    available in sexed also! Semex

    Sire: BW Country
    Dam: BW Legion May E-93%
    USDA 4-2008 +511M +38F +13P
    AJCA 4-2008 PTAT +2.2


    Special Forces sires "Flash". This Country son from a Legion dam, sires even more strength than his sire, combined with the will to milk, these flat boned cattle will show! His first daughter at sale brought $9400 and was Champion of the AL State Fair as Milking Sr. Ylg.

    BW Marshal
    BW Marshal  11JE805
    Hilmar Marshal 13970
    Brentwood sires outperform their pedigree. Average proof is +1018M +38F +30P on 11 Active A.I. Sires

    Sire: BW Parade
    Dam: BW Centurion Enid-94%
    USDA 4-2008 +1399M +34F +41P
    AJCA 4-2008 PTAT +1.5

    BW Marshal combines two star families at Brentwood. Sired by the sire of sons, BW Parade, and out of BW Centurion Enid E94% who is a daughter of BW Avery Katie ET121 E-93% The Dam of BW Award and BW Carrier and a full sister to BW COuntry. Marshall daughters are big tall cattle with highly functional udders, made to milk!




      Daughter Yield Deviation Vs. Parent Average USDA 4-2008
      BW CARRIER-ET - 11JE806 505 18 16 0.5
      BW SEVILLE - 200JE985 944 19 26 0.3
      BW PRIMER - 11JE839 407 41 13 -0.2
      BW SPECIAL FORCES - 200JE983 75 18 3 0.5
      BW COUNTRY-ET - 200JE989 97 5 3 0.2
      BW MIKE-ET - 505JE100 966 44 26 0.35
      BW FINALIST - 7JE715 1098 32 26 0.35
      BW LEGION  - 7JE696 11 17 3 0.85
      BW MARSHAL - 11JE805 245 -11 -4 -0.35
      BW AWARD - 7JE712 -953 -32 -23 -0.35
      BW PARADE - 7JE472 512 20 21 .9
    Average PLUS over PA 355 16 11 0.340
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