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Contact Information

Bob & Pam Bignami
24540 Clark Ave.
Orland, California, 95963
Cell: 530-519-5612
Tel: 530-865-5612


BW Destiny 505JE111


BW Country Leila L142 E-92%
2-11 305 26,670M 1289F 906P
Dam of BW Destiny
BW Berretta G18 E-93%
4-02 305 3 24,38M0 4.5 1101F 3.8 915P
Sister to Grandam of Destiny
1st 4 yr. old 1996 All American


BW Sampson Jim D365 E-92%
Gr Grandam of BW Destiny
2X in top 10 at WDE after age of 10!


For orders call your SEMEX representative

In Australia call Agri-Gene



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