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Contact Information

Bob & Pam Bignami
24540 Clark Ave.
Orland, California, 95963
Tel 530-865-5612
Cell: 530-519-5612
FAX 530-865-3001


Active AI

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BW Berretta Prize G525 E 92% BW Champs F203 E-96%
Only cow to produce #1 JPI Male and Female 1995 All American Grand Champion;
1962 Lbs Butterfat - National Class Leader
BW Berretta G18 E-93% BW Berretta California Girl
1st 4yr. Old 1996 All American Show Former National Class Leader; Son BW Zukor sold in 1996 All American Sale for $106,000.
BW Magic Champion Tanya E-92% BW LC Gem F385 E-93%
2nd Aged Cow 1994 Western National, Dam
of BW Magic Woody @ Alta
3rd 5 Yr. Old Cow 1996 All American Show after completing 33,000 lbs milk, Former National Class Leader
BW Berretta A543 E-92% BW Berretta G205 E-94%
Former National Class Leader,
Dam A National Class Leader.
BW DC H879 E-93% BW Duncan Chief H819
2nd Sr. 3 1998 Western National Show 3rd 4 Yr. Old 1998 All American
BW Gambler Cassandra E-91% BW Centurion Dani E-94%
1st 3 records over 30,000 lbs milk,
Former National Class Leader, National Class Leader
4th 4 Yr. Old 1998 Western National Show
BW Berretta Rose E-93% Three Berrettas
Dam of BW Parade @ Select Sires,
National Class Leader
L-R BW Berrettas A246 E-92% -
BW Berrettas Prize G525
E-92% - BW Berretta Rose E-93%
BW Champions W487 E-94% BW Royal W811 E-92%
2nd 5yr old '96 All American Show; 4th Aged Cow '97 All American Show; 1st Aged Cow '97 Western National 1st Jr. 3 '95 World Dairy Expo;
3rd Jr. 3 '95 All American Show
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